Prelude is a cloud-based, interactive game portal for virtual team and leadership training. It features a unique mix of psychometrics and creative process embodying twenty best practices.

  • Each team is assigned a safe; secure space within which to play and any number of teams can play at one time.
  • The game is played online over five sequential 30-minute activities prior to the commencement of an actual company project.
  • Some activities are self-directed and asynchronous; others are team based and synchronous.
  • Team members are guided to create meaningful symbols of identity using an online interactive whiteboard. These are shared in an online gallery.
  • Team members use video (to see each other and speak together) while they co-create their game artefacts. They literally and metaphorically draw together, evolving from 'me to we' thinking.
  • Prelude Virtual 1.0 has application in a variety of verticals and is designed to scale internationally: Corporate Talent Management, Project Management, Accelerator-Incubator Programs, Government and Non Government Agencies, and Entrepreneurial Education.


Simply put, Prelude accelerates understanding and trust at the crucial forming stage of new projects. As a result, team members are better able to identify, articulate, and apply diverse strengths, talents, and assets in a cohesive, purposeful way.

Prelude can also help new teams assess, quickly and easily, whether they have the right balance of temperaments and skills needed to realize their project goals.

Analytic data functions can help you form more balanced teams. For example, a cross-disciplinary team with an innovation mandate may be missing aptitudes like abstract thinking or action oriented members. Essentially this is a safe, fast, fun rehearsal preparing the team for the real project to come.

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Many programs talk about collaboration. Prelude actually teaches people how to collaborate. That’s the true beauty of the product. Robert Castel; Vinezoom, PMP Scrum Master

Prelude is a trust accelerator. It revealed assets in some of our team previously hidden. Allyson Hewitt, Director, Social Innovation Generator at MaRS

Improve the trust, communication and well-being of your team

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