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Group Spot

Additional Info

  • Horas: 1h - 3h
  • Participantes: More than 10
  • Metodología: Face to face
  • Objetivos:

    Empower teams to reach goals and fulfill their potential.

  • Procedimiento:

    Participants stand in a circle with one person in the center. The physical skills necessary for spotting are simple – ask participants in the outer circle to develop a firm, flexible stance by placing one foot in front and one foot behind with feet about shoulder-width apart. Members of the circle place hands up at shoulder height with the person in center in catching position. The person in the middle then has 3 opportunities to “fall” towards members of the circle. The person in the center starts the activity by stating “spotters ready”, members of the circle respond “ready”. Center person says “falling” and waits for outside circle to respond with “fall on”. If the person in the center is confident, he or she can ask the group members to take a step back, creating a larger circle and greater distance between the faller and the spotters. Regardless of direction, everyone should go to catch.

    Facilitator Notes about Trust Activities

    • Safety Check: Activity require the facilitator to pay extra close attention to physical and emotional safety. Introduce safety before starting any activities in this series.
    • Each participant has the right to decide his or her own level of participation.