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New World Exercise

Additional Info

  • Horas: 30min - 1h
  • Participantes: More than 10
  • Metodología: Virtual or Face to Face
  • Objetivos:

    Improve the Team Leader's abilities.

  • Materiales:

    A PC with webcam or similar device with internet connection for online collaboration.

  • Procedimiento:
    • This is a flexible and fascinating scenario-based activity for groups up to 12 people and all ages.
    • Split larger groups into teams and adapt presentations and reviews accordingly.
    • Ask the delegates to discuss in a group and answer the following question:

    Scenario: Imagine the world suffered a catastrophic event like a meteor strike, plague or nuclear war, which destroyed most human life and all of the developments of the past century. A mixed group (age, gender, ethnicity, religion) of a few hundred lucky people has survived (it's helpful to agree where - anywhere - because location will influence some aspects of the approach to the question).

    Question: If this group is to thrive and develop, what initial leadership structure would you suggest, stating 6-12 key roles? (Optionally and ideally ask delegates to justify their suggestions.)

    • Agree timings and presentation/review in whatever ways are useful to the delegates. The number of roles can be the same as the number of delegates, especially if you choose to extend the activity.
    • The exercise can be extended by adding any of the following supplementary questions, which can (optionally) be approached as if the delegates are the survivors leadership team, allocated the key roles identified.

    Optional supplementary questions:

    • What basic laws would you introduce for the group of survivors?
    • As the leadership team, what would be your ten immediate main aims?
    • What 3-5 main difficulties would you expect in leading the group and how would you try to handle these challenges?
    • What lessons from the modern world would you find most valuable in rebuilding the new world?
    • What would be your five main medium-long term aims?
    • You - and/or the delegates - will be able to devise further questions relevant to your own training/learning situation.