Online Work Teams: A New Way of Working

Technology has enabled people to gain access to different ways of interacting and working. Offsite work offers many advantages as well as challenges, but one thing is for sure, distributed teams are here to say.

Shared work space

Online work teams present a new way of rethinking the human being, with teams that work towards a common objective and still remain in different geographic locations and very possibly in different time zones. Yet these are people who inhabit a same virtual space, erasing all distance or need to move to a physical place in order to do work. Instead, they are only one click away from linking up and meeting for work.

Types of offsite work teams

  • Remote work: companies that have a main office but whose workers do their day to day work outside of the head offices. Usually, the majority of remote work is done off of the computer. Examples of remote work are salespeople or care providers.
    Remote work teams are normally victims of miscommunication between team members and Team Leaders come to us in search of tools and ideas to better coordinate their team and motivate employees who stop by the office few times a month. If your remote team needs some help, we recommend the workshop Teambuilding Tools and Ideas to Motivate your Virtual Team
  • Virtual work: people who work from home, a co-working space or who are digital nomads and do their work online. The most common examples are designers, programmers, writers and online marketers.
    Virtual teams tend to suffer from an overload of emails and the inability to hold meetings because of different time zones. If you want to improve your communication processes and depend less on meetings, we recommend the How to Promote Internal Communications in a Virtual Office Workshop

Tools that allow online working

The tools are there for you, but how you use them will either guarantee a smooth project or turn your processes into a nightmare. Contact us if you want to have a second opinion on the tools which you are currently using and want ideas about better collaboration tools.

8 tips to have a successful virtual team:

  • Hold a personalized initial meeting to clearly set out expectations and objectives.
  • Establish some basic guidelines for work and relations from the outset.
  • Establish common and realistic goals.
  • Maintain active communication at all levels and channels of the team.
  • Facilitate a feedback process that helps to improve work quality.
  • Implement motivation strategies that help to humanize the virtual medium and strengthen teamwork.
  • Hold virtual meetings with the whole team to strengthen cohesion and synergy.
  • Offer ergonomic guidance to look out for the health and well-being of the team.


Watch this interview where our team talks with Collaboration Superpowers about the benefits, challenges and strategies to managing global teams:

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