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Strengthen team communication and activate the communication channels.

This activity is a virtual version of the party game Pass the Grapefruit. Just as in the party game, team members are passing an item from person to person. In this version, however, the item has been specified by the game leader or facilitator and cannot be passed via the same method twice. This version also encourages friendly competition among and creativity in ...

Encourage the team's vision and develop the life project.

This brainstorming activity helps your team identify the qualities, characteristics, and behaviors that the ideal team member would possess. To achieve this, the team will develop a job description for the role of a team member. This is especially helpful if you are still building the team or may have new team members joining at later phases. Email the team ...

Enrich the laboral relationship and improve the work dynamic.

The team members will be taking the attached test to assess their listening skills. First, have team members form partnerships. Email the Listening Test to team members and request they individually take five minutes to answer true or false for each of the twenty statements. Discuss their answers with their partner. They will need to arrange a time to have a ...
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