We bring you a team of professionals well-versed in the remote world that will show you the most effective tools for recruiting virtual teams, managing personnel, holding meetings, motivation and also to achieve your business objectives.

Our philosophy when it comes to working with remote teams is founded on competence, commitment, professionalism, empowerment and humanizing the virtual workplace, always employing common sense, objectivity and transparency. We understand companies' production needs, especially when it comes to virtual teams, telecommuting or offsite work.

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Managing Virtual Teams springs from the accumulated experience gained over years of work in the remote environment at the Ricaris Have a Nice Day SL.
Ricaris is a multicultural company founded in 2009, and is at the forefront in having a 100% remote team of workers. Ricaris works to help large web companies to grow and to go global, offering multilingual services. Based on this experience, we know how to recruit, train, empower and achieve results with our remote team.
Now with Managing Virtual Teams, we put our experience in managing Multicultural Virtual Teams to work for you.

The Challenge of a Remote Team

Our consulting and coursework philosophy is to focus on the practical and really focus on the issues and solutions that we have learned through more than a decade of experience working with virtual teams. MVT knows your challenges and provides concrete strategies based more on experience and less on business literature.

What will you get?
  • Methodologies: practical, efficient methods to implement on the job with your virtual team, that you can use to organize the human talent on your team.
  • Strategies: real, effective strategies that answer the needs of the work team, and are geared towards improving the quality of work conditions and service.
  • Tools: reports, programs, templates and other elements that facilitate team management, learning and the achievement of desired results and goals.
  • Knowledge: theory and concepts that will allow you to get a better idea of virtual team management and how best to work with them.
  • Human Resources: tools that will be useful in everything from recruiting to internal team processes like communication, motivation, teamwork, empowerment, health and team well-being, etc.
  • Dynamics of Remote Working: in depth material on the best ways to relate in the remote workplace, emphasizing participation and active listening.
  • Building the Remote Office: the virtual team needs a space it can use to build its work life. Consultation can help you find the elements necessary for building an adequate virtual environment, so the team can have a common space to share with one another.

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